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All you need to know about your safari

A mobile safari is not just about seeing the wildlife, it is hearing the crickets at night, smelling that elephant wandering through camp, feeling the sand between your toes and tasting great food made with fire alone!

Our guides have an affinity and respect for nature that is infectious. Mobiles provide an intimacy with nature, experiencing the wilderness with all the senses and no fences!

A mobile safari visits different areas but keeps the same guide, crew and companions, bonding for the whole safari for that authentic wilderness experience – up close and personal!!

Letaka Safaris – Spread your Wings!


So your bags are packed and you’re ready to go, but are you really? Here is some information that will help you get the most out of your safari.

Firstly, there are some items which will critically affect the enjoyment of your safari, we have listed these below. DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THESE ITEMS:

  • Head torch (one per person!) preferably Petzl, LED Lenser or Black Diamond, preferably with rechargeable batteries. Lighting in the tents is much dimmer than what you are used to back home and trying to find stuff in your bag at 5am is just a lot easier with one of these. It will also be invaluable when we arrive back to camp after sunset for getting all your goodies together in the vehicle or just reading your book or Kindle before going to bed.
  • Binoculars! You can share these between a couple but one per person is preferable if you can. Binoculars greatly enhance your viewing experience for all aspects of wildlife and birdlife viewing. Not having binoculars or having to borrow from someone else may mean missing out on that once-in-a-lifetime sighting.
  • A good attitude. This will help you deal with the many trials and tribulations that travel in Africa can throw your way. Letaka Safaris has one of the most modern fleets of vehicles in Botswana but nonetheless your vehicle may get stuck in the sand or mud, you might be forced to take a long detour because of a broken bridge or any one of a million other things that can go wrong on a journey of this nature. Having a good attitude will help you to wear a wry smile and continue getting the most out of your journey!

Oh, and clothing, bring some of that too! Now you’re almost ready to go but you might want to check out our FAQ page by clicking on the FAQ tab at the top of this page. We have also put together a Safari Preparation Manual that will give you more detailed information on what to expect on safari, you can download that by clicking on the link above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge batteries whilst on safari?
All of our vehicles are fitted with 220 volt inverters which are linked to Botswana plug sockets for easy charging. We recommend that guests purchase a Botswana converter, these are the same as South Africa, type M3, 3 round pin plugs.
We ask that guests use the charging facilities for recharging camera and torch batteries only, please do not bring hairdryers, electric razors or electric toothbrushes for use whilst on safari.
Can I use my cell phone or access internet whilst on safari?
Can you cater for vegetarians and other dietary requirements?
Do I need a visa for Botswana?
Do I need to bring my own towel, linen and toiletries?
Do I need to take Malaria medication?
If I am a single traveler, will I have to share my tent?
Is it safe in my tent?
Is laundry available whilst on safari?
Should I bring any money with me?
What can I expect on a travel day?
What can I expect on an exploration day?
What is the luggage restriction?
What is the maximum and minimum number of guests on a safari?
What is the minimum and maximum age accepted on safari?
What is the standard accepted tipping procedure for Botswana?
What kinds of animals will we see?
What type of vehicle will we be travelling on?
What should I bring on safari?