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About Us

If you are planning a safari in Africa then let us firstly congratulate you on choosing Botswana, Africa’s wistful wildlife & wetland wonderland. Secondly, thank you for choosing to travel with Letaka Safaris, Botswana’s premier mobile safari operator.

Letaka Safaris is a citizen-owned safari company that has been operating in Botswana since October 2000. The founding directors, known locally as the Letaka brothers, have almost 40 years of combined guiding experience and have been guiding mobile safaris in Botswana since the mid-90’s. Originally all our safaris were owner-guided but the company has now grown to employ a number of Botswana’s most highly experienced mobile safari guides.

A common misconception is that a camping safari in Botswana means getting stuck in and helping with the setting up camp and cooking your own meals, well, nothing could be further from the truth. The hardest work you are going to have is sipping on your gin and tonic whilst watching the African sun slip below the horizon. And let’s be honest, it’s not really camping is it? Large tents with beds, bedside tables, LED lights, en-suite toilet and shower, covered verandah area with relaxing chairs and washbasins. That’s why we call it a mobile tented safari and NOT a camping safari, our professional safari staff take care of all the camp chores and our wonderful safari chefs are capable of producing miracles from a bed of coals.

The focus of our company has always been on the quality of our guides, hence our close association with the African Guide Academy (what used to be called the Okavango guiding School), a training facility which we created to elevate the standard of guiding in Botswana. Many of Botswana’s top guides pass through Africa Guide Academy’s doors at one time or another and we are proud to continue this initiative to create a guiding fraternity that will stand head and shoulders above other African destinations.
Mobile tented safaris in Botswana are without a doubt the best way to experience one of Africa’s last unspoilt wilderness areas, so pack your bags and book that flight!