Lawrence & Diana - UK , 01 September 2017

10+/10 Lucas is an excellent guide. His knowledge of wildlife and fauna is incredibly impressive. He also has a wonderful personality and character…..Badisa and his crew are a very special team. They provided meals worthy of a 5 star restaurant.

Each time we went out for a drive we were delighted by the game we viewed. It was really special that we (Lucas) allowed us time to observe the wildlife, as opposed to rushing. At times it felt as if our vehicle was the only vehicle in the reserve.

Liane & Stuart - Australia , 01 September 2017

Wonderful. My first safari and my husband’s second. Everything was wel planned, communication was excellent. The whole experience has been so memorable I think I will be raving about Letaka for a very long time.

Jamie - Australia , 29 July 2017

Experience of a Lifetime.

Simply amazing.

John & Margery - UK , 20 July 2017

Excellent. Food was exceptionally good and all the staff were very friendly and efficient.

First time in 40 we’ve seen lion, leopard and cheetah all in one day.

I can’t think of anything you can do to improve the trip.

(John and Margery traveled on a northbound Northern Highlights)

Anne & Josh Buckley - USA , 02 August 2016

Our guide KB was absolutely top notch. We saw many special sightings and he was fun to be around.  He was very good at anticipating the animals movements.

10 out of 10 for the camp staff and bush chef –  very nice and wonderful food.

This trip was one of the very top out of 5 trips to Africa – multiple leopards and great wild dogs.

The perfect bush experience.

Moyses Party - Australia , 01 July 2016

Shaka was excellent! He instilled great confidence in us – we could appreciate his experience and respect others showed him

The staff were wonderful – very engaging and warm, the food was fabulous and exceeded any experience we may have had, as a vegetarian, the menu was more than I could have hoped for.

Game viewing experience: Rewarding – Shaka did his best to meet our goals  – going above and beyond to try and ensure we got the most from the experience.

This trip was a once in a lifetime one for us – thank you for making the experience so great, and would recommend to anyone wanting to travel to Southern Africa

Nikki & Charlotte Burton – UK , 04 June 2016

Our guide Shadreck was outstanding – has excellent skills in finding animals and birds, his knowledge is extensive and he shared a lot of knowledge about the flora and fauna in the Okavango Delta with us including animal behaviour, paw prints and tracking .  Food was tasty and so well presented – excellent every day.  Tman, Banda and Mula  are a friendly and fantastic team.  Superb game viewing from 4 x 4 vehicles, tents etc all of high quality – luxury camping facilities.  Overall it was excellent – we will have many happy memories to take home with us.  Thank you all at Letaka Safaris.

Sara Nardini and Federico Boldi – UK & Italy , 13 May 2016

Our guide was absolutely fantastic in every possible way.  From start to finish he was very professional, informative, funny, friendly and always answered the questions given to him thoroughly and patiently.  He has made this trip unforgettable for us.  His knowledge is admirable.

All the members of staff in camp were top class.  The food has been fantastic! They all work hard with smile and enthusiasm.  Thanks to Gee and the beauty of Botswana, the game viewing has been out of this world, we are over the moon with the game we have seen and their activity.  Also not being “birders” we have enjoyed that part of the trip too!

100/100, unforgettable and would hope one day to come back – Thank you.

Genevieve Buser – USA , 05 May 2016

11 out of 10 for our guide! His skill and humour made a memorable trip.  11/10 for excellent food and service – everyone was very helpful and loved the camp fires and hot water.  A trip of a lifetime – I would do it again!

Denise Ibbotson – UK , 16 April 2016

Our guide was absolutely first class, so well informed on ALL subjects – animals, birds, trees etc. Calm and organised – we were amazed by his knowledge.  Excellent overall experience, couldn’t fault anything – enjoyed it all.  Although we were not used to camping – had a wonderful time – all well organized and smoothly run – would recommend it to anyone.

Diddy Grahame - UK , 16 April 2016

First class –could not have been better. The staff were delightful and helpful and the chef created a great variety of delicious food. Excellent guide, Excellent game viewing – a wonderful experience.

Gatacre Family - UK , 26 March 2016

Gee was absolutely amazing! Special! We felt very safe. Completely fascinating – we saw amazing animals and learnt about them, why they did things and their habitat. The Food – YUM! Staff were hospitable, warm, helpful, very friendly and made us all feel at home. The Vehicles – We want one!. Overall it was brilliant, we would all love to come back again.

Mr & Mrs Greer Walker - UK , 15 February 2016

Nkosi was exceptional – acute eyesight and hearing and a huge knowledge of flora and wildlife, extraordinary food in difficult circumstances. The game viewing passed all our expectations, the vehicle and equipment were entirely adequate including waterproof gear and a variety of drinks. – a lifetime ambition achieved.

Robin & Marion Camp - Canadian , 12 January 2016

KB our guide – a jackpot, 5 star guide! Extremely knowledgeable, affable, congenial – we felt so at home with him, he was so articulate and truly loves and is proud of his career and job.
The camp staff, chef and food were incredible, ingenious and hospitable. The camp was impeccably run, clean, welcoming and so hospitable. Food 5 star!
Game viewing was 5 star! Saw so many unusual sightings and birds,
We truly hit the jackpot! Thanks for a once in a lifetime magical experience – We’ll spread the word in Canada

Sue Robinson & Ruth Townsend - UK , 01 December 2015

Gee was excellent, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, good humoured and patient – he took note of what we wanted to see and found it for us – we were often first on the scene! The camp staff and chef were excellent and respectful – we were well looked after. It was my birthday whilst we were away and the staff were kind and thoughtful making me a cake with candles and singing happy birthday – truly memorable. Our game viewing was superb, amazing and facilitated by Gee’s knowledge of animal behaviour, tracks and calls.
It was brilliant – I want to come back.




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