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May Flood Update

2012 Flood | 23 May 2012

Well rumors still abound about a massive flood on it’s way to Maun but all evidence points to a fairly average flood as can be seen in the graph below. The water levels in this graph are measured at Mike Murray-Hudson’s place just outside Maun and are currently the only reliable measurements of Maun water levels, Island Safari Lodge seems to have lost interest in the flood this year.

It is immediately evident looking at the blue line which represents the 2012 flood that not only are we quite significantly below the levels for this time last year but that the trend is moving further below last years levels. Nothing short of a miracle would get us within 20cm of last year’s levels in Maun.

This is great news for all the lodges and mobile safari operators as it means we will not have to worry about flooded airstrips, there will still be a lot of roads affected by the flood but we should begin to reclaim some of last year’s lost gamedrive roads fairly shortly.

There will still be plenty of water around and, in comparison to the floods of the 90’s, this will still be a monster! We will keep you updated with the progress of the flood but it all looks set for a fairly manageable year. Look out for our Flood Gallery coming soon.