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Bringing North America to Botswana

News From HQ | 26 February 2014

Every year I travel to the US and Canada to try and promote Botswana as a safari destination and it always amazes me how little the North American market knows about safaris in Botswana. Strangely enough, one of the reasons for this is also one of the best reasons to visit. No one has heard of Botswana because nothing newsworthy ever happens there, we don’t have any riots, political violence, police brutality, racial tension, corruption or other newsworthy happenings that would bring our wonderful country to world attention.

Instead we have political stability, virtually no corruption, a stable and strong economy, some of Africa’s best wildlife areas and of course, the Okavango Delta. Folks generally think Africa = Kenya, Tanzania & South Africa which is like thinking Burgers = McDonalds, Burger King & Wendy’s. Yes, you can get burgers at all these places but it’s mass market fast food, Botswana offers the gourmet burger option, slightly more expensive maybe, worth it, definitely.

A safari in Bots-where? In a tent?

A safari in Bots-where? In a tent?

So when you are thinking of Africa and photographic safaris, think of Botswana. It may be slightly more difficult to get to but the rewards are well worth it. A mobile tented safari gives you the opportunity to explore Africa as the explorers did over a hundred years ago, forget camping, this is a mobile tented camp. Full walk-in tents with en-suite toilets and showers, comfortable beds, interior lighting and some of the most amazing wilderness settings you can imagine. On a mobile tented safari you are literally immersed in nature and it is an experience you will never forget. One of the great joys of a mobile safari is that you are with the same people and most importantly, the same guide, throughout your safari. Your guide knows what you have seen, what you want to see and can build your experience over a period of time. This is simply not possible in a lodge to lodge safari unless you fork out mega-bucks for a private guide. A mobile safari in Botswana combines adventure and luxury in perfect proportion to give you a safari cocktail that you will sip on for many years to come!

Come on Canada & USA, come and discover what the Europeans have been enjoying for the past 50 years!

Brent Reed  😎 – Denver CO, February 26, 2014