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Botswana Camping Safari

Disho’s Safari Blog | 12 September 2012

Our Botswana camping safari began in the Xakanaxa region of the Moremi Game Reserve where I collected my guests from the Xakanaxa airstrip for the scenic drive to our camp in the Bodumatau region of the Moremi. Our trusty camp crew had already set up our camp the day before and we arrived mid-afternoon to enjoy refreshing welcome drinks before settling in to our tents and then gathering for our safari orientation.

Moremi Game Reserve provided some excellent game viewing including one of the real highlights of our trip. In the Xini Lagoons region of Moremi Game Reserve we were extremely fortunate to witness a cheetah chasing and bringing down an impala. Just as we thought the drama was over, a female leopard trotted onto the scene and relieved the cheetah of the impala which was still not quite dead. The poor cheetah which had done all the work and was still panting from the effort, was forced to make a submissive retreat to look for it’s meal elsewhere.

In Savuti we found a lion pride feeding on an elephant carcass and we were also treated to the sight of four of the pride males walking across the plains in front of the rising sun. That was one of those images that we were all so busy enjoying that I don’t think anyone actually got a picture of it.

Alongside the numerous predators Savuti was also jam packed with elephant, buffalo, giraffe and general game species such as impala and kudu, all of which were making good use of the greenery surrounding the spectacular Savuti Marsh. The waters of the marsh are now receding quite quickly as the sun evaporates the shallow waters. There is a benefit for the animals though, the receding waters bring a flush of green grass which is quickly grazed away. Provided the waters last until the rainy season, which it looks like they will, the Savuti area will continue to thrive.


😎 – Gabatsholwe Disho (August 2012)