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Shaka was an exceptionally knowledgeable guide who also managed to be fun and friendly at all times. Dreams made the most incredible meals and managed to provide so much variety - and I was very impressed at the variety of vegetarian food too. Two Metre was always so kind and efficient with providing us with water and taking the time to go get it each day. Cisco was so quick to help us with anything we required - and always ready to give us a top up in the evening! Overall, everyone was so kind and really made an effort to give us an incredible experience.

To be honest, every day provided a new highlight. I loved the wildlife experiences that we had - though I think they were made even better by being completely immersed by camping in the bush for 9 nights.


Australia, 5 August 2018

"Every day was a highlight!"

Gary & Ann

Australia, 27 July 2018

All the staff were excellent nothing was to much trouble for them Matambo (guide) Camp staff Moosa, KG and Pula.

We were amazed at how close we were to the animals, but for me the biggest highlight was a Leopard we were able to film catching a bird for a morning snack, and finding two Cheetahs together. We saw all the animals on our list and a few that weren't like (Civet, Genet and Aardwolf)


Marjory and Nicola

Scotland, 24 July 2018

Shaka, Cisco, Dreams and Two metre always there with a welcome and smile whenever we arrived. Food was outstanding from a bush kitchen with fresh bread and cakes most days.

Highlight? Quality of the game viewing and having a very experienced guide. Highlight was being first on the scene to see a leopard up a tree with an impala - a recent catch - breathtaking!


UK, 5 July 2018

Perfect holiday, perfect honeymoon, unforgettable experience, it's the best trip of our lives.

Simon & Flora Monteiro

France, 2 January 2018