Mahlab, Australia, 2019 Green Season , 05 February 2019

“An unexpected highlight was that because we traveled during the wet season when there were so few other people, cars and tours around. We felt like we had the place to ourselves and we almost did!”

Dorcas, USA , 24 August 2018

What was the highlight of your trip?

The whole trip was a highlight, truly. The guide, the team, the food, the camps, the wildlife. It was all amazing. If I had to choose just one highlight it would be wildlife related. Perhaps the afternoon that elephants quietly marched through our camp on the way to a tasty tree, or the amazing array of wildlife we saw, or perhaps it was the evening by the campfire watching the lunar eclipse. They were all highlights!

Georgia - Australia , 05 August 2018

Shaka was an exceptionally knowledgeable guide who also managed to be fun and friendly at all times. Dreams made the most incredible meals and managed to provide so much variety – and I was very impressed at the variety of vegetarian food too. Two Metre was always so kind and efficient with providing us with water and taking the time to go get it each day. Cisco was so quick to help us with anything we required – and always ready to give us a top up in the evening! Overall, everyone was so kind and really made an effort to give us an incredible experience.


To be honest, every day provided a new highlight. I loved the wildlife experiences that we had – though I think they were made even better by being completely immersed by camping in the bush for 9 nights.

Gary & Ann - Australia , 27 July 2018

“Every day was a highlight!”

Marjory and Nicola - Scotland , 24 July 2018

All the staff were excellent nothing was to much trouble for them Matambo (guide) Camp staff Moosa, KG and Pula.

We were amazed at how close we were to the animals, but for me the biggest highlight was a Leopard we were able to film catching a bird for a morning snack, and finding two Cheetahs together. We saw all the animals on our list and a few that weren’t like (Civet, Genet and Aardwolf)


Vincent - UK , 05 July 2018

Shaka, Cisco, Dreams and Two metre always there with a welcome and smile whenever we arrived. Food was outstanding from a bush kitchen with fresh bread and cakes most days.


Highlight? Quality of the game viewing and having a very experienced guide. Highlight was being first on the scene to see a leopard up a tree with an impala – a recent catch – breathtaking!

Simon & Flora Monteiro - France , 02 January 2018

Perfect holiday, perfect honeymoon, unforgettable experience, it’s the best trip of our lives.

Andrew Dennis & Diana House - Australia , 24 December 2017

Unbelievable. We will all remember this trip for its blend of adventure, amazing wildlife experiences and comfort.

Dennis and Marni - Australia , 24 December 2017

One of my favourite parts of the camp was coming back after a game drive to smiling staff with amazingly refreshing ice tea and warm face towels.

Andrew Dennis - Australia , 14 December 2017

What was the highlight of your trip?

This is a difficult question to answer because our whole trip with Letaka was amazing and the best we experienced in Africa. So let me put it another way. We arrived in Southern Africa from Australia; after touring in Zimbabwe we traveled across Botswana and then from the north of Kruger, in South Africa, to the south. We did this with many guides and lodges over 5 weeks. Our ten days with Letaka was by far the best part of our entire experience. That is despite enjoying and seeing an enormous amount of wildlife at all locations and staying in very comfortable lodges elsewhere. KB was our best guide among many excellent guides and the style of the Letaka tour put us in deepest contact with the African bush…..

Our whole group from 12yo to 67yo were relaxed and comfortable and enjoyed your team’s company at all times.

Heidi - Canada , 21 November 2017

Matambo our guide of course – wise, big hearted and witty. Moosa and Life our chefs – every meal was exciting and inspiring. The camp crew DK, July, Poster, KG – incredibly hard working and lots of laughter in camp – a true team.

Highlight? The immersion experience of mobile tenting. Arriving I had no idea how special this part would be, hearing the animals at night. Truly unexpected and incredible.

Leo & Katie - USA , 12 November 2017

On a scale of 1 to 10, Lucas gets a 20!  He is knowledgeable, respectful, open, professional, responsive – always using his skills to make our trip the best possible – we always felt safe.

I’ve dreamed of a trip to Africa since before preschool, so you can imagine my expectations were high, but this experience has been spectacular in so many ways on so many levels, I can’t thank you enough.

Karen Gutierrez - USA , 10 November 2017

Beyond amazing – we had the Big 5 within a week and throw in wild dogs, cheetahs, bush babies and honey badgers. Will be very hard to top this experience.

Chris - UK , 09 November 2017

We were looked after like Royalty. Fabulous team. Great food, chef must be a wizard!


Alicia & Graeme - Canada , 05 September 2017

We learned so much and felt very lucky to have a guide so knowledgeable and friendly. KB made the trip and we all recommend Letaka specifically because it’s clear they have the best guides.

Exceeded expectations (which were high!). Comfort of camp and staff combined with the best guide and a good vehicle made this an experience of a lifetime. 100+ elephants, 20+ lions, 40+ hippos, 7+ leopards, 20+ wilddogs WOW!

(Alicia and Graeme traveled on a Reverse Northern Highlights)




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