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Letaka Safaris is a citizen-owned safari company that has been operating in Botswana since October 2000. The founding directors, known locally as the Letaka Brothers, have over 34 years of combined guiding experience and have been guiding full-time in Botswana since the mid-90’s. Originally all our safaris were owner-guided but the company has now grown to employ 7 of Botswana’s most highly experienced mobile safari guides.

The focus of our company has always been on the quality of our guides, hence our close association with Okavango Guiding School, a training facility which we created to elevate the standard of guiding in Botswana. Many of Botswana’s top safari guides pass through Okavango Guiding School’s doors at one time or another and we are proud to continue this initiative to create a guiding fraternity that will stand head and shoulders above other African destinations.




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What was the highlight of your trip?

This is a difficult question to answer because our whole trip with Letaka was amazing and the best we experienced in Africa. So let me put it another way. We arrived in Southern Africa from Australia; after touring in Zimbabwe we traveled across Botswana and then from the north of Kruger, in South Africa, to the south. We did this with many guides and lodges over 5 weeks. Our ten days with Letaka was by far the best part of our entire experience. That is despite enjoying and seeing an enormous amount of wildlife at all locations and staying in very comfortable lodges elsewhere. KB was our best guide among many excellent guides and the style of the Letaka tour put us in deepest contact with the African bush…..

Our whole group from 12yo to 67yo were relaxed and comfortable and enjoyed your team’s company at all times.


Andrew Dennis - Australia , 14 December 2017

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